Key Takeaways

  • Taking a break from our daily routines and responsibilities is essential for our mental well-being.
  • Holidays can bring about a mix of emotions, including heightened anxiety and grief.
  • The mindset we adopt during our break is more important than the location or activities we engage in.

The Importance of Rest and Reflection

In this podcast episode “Finding Sanctuary,” hosts Debbie Draybi, Monsignor Shora, and Eddie Reaiche discuss the significance of taking a break and reflect on their own experiences during their time away from the pod. Debbie emphasizes the importance of rest and reflection in our daily lives. She believes that breaks from our routines and responsibilities are essential for finding peace and comfort.

The Challenges of the Holiday Season

The hosts also discuss the impact of holidays on our mental health. Monsignor Shora shares that during peak holiday periods, such as Christmas and Easter, people often experience heightened emotions. These times can bring about feelings of grief and loneliness, as well as increased anxiety. Eddie adds that holidays can be particularly challenging for those who have experienced loss or are going through relationship difficulties. The pressure to meet expectations and put on a happy facade can lead to increased anxiety and conflict.

Cultivating a Holiday Mindset

Eddie introduces the concept of a holiday as a mindset rather than a physical location. He suggests that we can experience the benefits of a holiday by adopting a mindset of freedom and detachment, regardless of our surroundings. He also highlights the importance of disconnecting from our devices and the constant demands of work and social media. Monsignor shares his own experience of forgetting his phone charger during a trip many years ago, which led to a liberating break from technology and a truly restful holiday.

Integrating the Holiday Mindset into Daily Life

The hosts discuss the challenge of integrating the holiday mindset into our day-to-day lives. Monsignor Shora suggests taking mini-breaks and creating spaces in our minds where we can detach from work and daily responsibilities. He encourages individuals to reflect on what they want their lives to look like when they return from a break, and to consider any changes they may need to make to create a more fulfilling and balanced life.


Taking a break from our daily routines and obligations is not just beneficial — it’s essential for our mental health. Holidays usher in a diverse palette of emotions, but with a holiday mindset, we can effectively manage any anxiety or grief. By consciously detaching from work and technology, we are assured of enjoying the restorative effects of a break, wherever we might be. To seamlessly incorporate the holiday mindset into our everyday existence, we must proactively reflect and commit to adjustments that spotlight our well-being. Embracing rest and self-reflection allows us to not just lead, but thrive in a more gratifying and harmonious life.

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